About Us

We transform your vision into an artistic modern-day design

Our Story .

Marigold Interiors is leading the Interior Designing and Architecture Industry since 2008 under the leadership of Founder and Principal, Kshama Parmar. With more than 200+ clients spread across Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan to vouch for our work and commitment, Marigold Interior has managed to stay ahead of the competitive curve because of its perfect balance between the client expectations and the unique design concepts.

Whether you need to redefine your residential, commercial or public space/building with a quick furniture refresh or you need to adapt to the modern-day architectural amenities by undergoing a complete renovation of your owned property, our team of experienced and disciplined Interior Designers can deliver inspiring designs that can turn any location into a beautiful landmark.

The reason why we have triumphed in the market time and again is our zeal to evolve with the ever-changing market trends while maintaining our business policies. While our creative designs set us apart in the market from our contemporaries, our sound business policies helps us deliver reliable, effective and serene design services which makes client referrals, our biggest marketing gimmick!


Our Specialisations

Residential Projects 100%
Commercial Projects 100%
Retail Environments 100%
Wooden Artefacts 100%

Ever since 2008, Marigold Interiors have managed to deliver satisfactory Designing Services in various segments like:

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Corporate Houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Public Buildings
  • Retail Spaces
  • Healthcare Organisations
A quote that defines Kshama

Professional Opinion

As a designer, Kshama believes that a Design of a Project affects not only its users, but also compliments to the society, nation as well as the cosmos! While she sticks to her principles and roots of discipline, she also believes in the process of exploration and is always eager to take the path that is less travelled. She is such a person who embraces Mondays and loves what she does.

A quote that defines Kshama

Personal Opinion

“What you think you create,  

What you feel you attract, 

What you imagine you become”

Kshama is a person that believes in deeds and not words and every action she takes is to make her life more meaningful, beautiful and cheerful. She tries to live in the present and is a firm believer of #YOLO. If we were to define her life in three simple words, those words would be “Original, Creative and ALIVE”!